10 Reasons to Embrace Fungi as a Society

A closeup selective focus shot of a wild mushroom with water drops on it growing in a forest Tree photo created by wirestock – www.freepik.com

Fungi are their own branch of life, they differ from plants, animals, and bacteria. There are many types of fungus, and with them come a plethora of uses that can help us transition to a more sustainable society.

  1. Mushrooms are very nutritious and sustaiable to grow food. We can feed a lot of people in a small space growing organic fungi compared to animal farming or monocrop fields. We would benefit as a whole if many growers starting growing all over, and providing a source of local food and medicine. This would also divert the wasted energy from transporting the ingredients to factory, to warehouses, to grocery markets, and all the fule involved in the process. It would transmute it into the local economy and help get rid of big corperations providing our food.
  2. We can learn from the symbiotic relationships that mushrooms have with their envirionment. Some fungi work with trees to provide living inner-net brain allowing plants to communicate to each other thru the mycelium. Plants can even warn each other of danger, and the other plants will respond by producing the according chemicals to protect themselves. Fungi and plants can even help one another by transfering water and nutrietnts that the others need. We should see that it is possible for humans to live in the same state of harmony with out environment. We are a part of nature, not here to feed and not give back. life naturally regenerates and works in cycles. We need live balanced with out environment and give back for what we take.
  3. We can use fungi for building natural homes. The old discarded blocks of mycelium that mushrooms were grown on can be placed in the walls of natural structures like cob or even dry wall to create natural insulation.
  4. There is proof from both ancient wistom and from modern science of the potential for certain mushrooms to help with cancer. They can either be used alongside another treatment, or in some cases the main treatment.
  5. Some mushrooms like Lions Mane can help boost our brains, we can utalize this fungi in teas, tinctures, and capsuels.
  6. We can use the powerful Amanita Muscaria to help treat several diseases and help with spiritual development. There is a long history of their use, and it has been said that it can help bring ill people back from the brink of death. Used as a decoction or drinking a shamans urine who has reciently consumed it, it can cause an entheogenic experience that can help people spiritually and with mental illness, so out ancestory have honnored it for a very long time. It can even be used topically to relieve pain.
  7. Scientists have used fungi to help clearn oil spills. This is a massive development since it is natural and shows natures ability to regenerate and take waste and process it into life.
  8. We can use scobies, which are colonies of yeast( a micro fungi) and bacteria, to create probiotic kombucha and heal our guts. This beverage is made of sweetened tea fermented with a SCOBY, which contains fungi, and ferments it into probiotics and acetic acid.
  9. Legalize psilocybin mushrooms to treat mental inless and in spiritual ceremony. There is a lot of new evidence coming out about the benefits of magic mushrooms to treat mental health issues like ptsd, depression, and anxiety. There is also a vast history of our ancestors consuming these fungi to shed their ego and allow the divine energy to not be blocked by the mind.
  10. Mushrooms can be used as a natrual dye for clothes, fabrics, yarn, and more.

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