HomeLess to HomeFree: A Transformation of Mind and Spirit

There are many common mindsets about home, we can feel like our home is our house, like it is our family or a person, or like we have no true home.  We choose how we define home, and any definition does not capture the true essence. These are all partial truths, partial truth is not true in itself. While it’s true we are home in a house or relationship, there is a broader perspective. Our physical location, the world, and the universe could all be considered our home. Do we live in the universe? Hard to say no when it is the space we live in and all the resources we depend on. What is even broader then the universe, we could say that all universes are our home, or everything is our home , even more expansive spirit/god is our home. We can shift our mind to see home everywhere.


If we look at birds, they fly around and home is everywhere they are. They fly around the garden and are provided with all that is needed to maintain life. When a baby is born, it has no concept of what is home, we don’t think of a house as home until we are taught that, but instead focused on our primal needs and connection to people.

The transition from homeless to home free starts by allowing ourselves to feel at home wherever we are. This mentality can transform the “Homeless” situation as well. If we recognize that we are all home, it shines a light on the darkness of our society abandoning people and creating homelessness. We see birds in the city and don’t consider them homeless but free. Why is it any different for people? If we treat everyone like they are home instead of trash, the world will transform quickly. Even our “enemy” is home with us, and hating “them” will just destroy our home even more.


There are many god/spirituality centered cultures that would happily take people in from the street and care for them, or give people whatever food they may have because we recognize the oneness of all beings in the universal family. To walk past someone starving on the street when we have money in our bank account waiting to be spent on pleasures is a death-centered mentality and not about life. There is a direct imbalance, the more energy some of us have stockpiled, the less energy and abundance are available for other people. First world country creates third world country and visa versa.


I don’t suggest that we force people to share like communism or welfare proposes but certainly not capitalism either. Forced “compassion” and social systems create people who feel oppressed by it when they are forced to participate and rebel, creating conservative people. And the selfish hoarding of energy creates people who feel oppressed by the power distribution and become liberals. It is a paradox, if everyone gives from the heart the two sides will quickly disintegrate. The change needs to come from the heart to be genuine, we need to want to make sure everyone is nurtured. I don’t believe nature is naturally the harsh wilderness that we make it out to be, but that we have turned it that way with our ravenous mentality. If we are on the search to fill an imaginary void with fading pleasures, tastes, sensuality, and stimulation, we become a void in the process, sucking in energy like a black hole. We have the choice to be a light but often choose darkness out of fear and comfort. The energy we put into maintaining our comfort directly comes from the oppression of people and nature.


The shift can be made internally as well. Instead of feeling like we need validation and external approval, we are home everywhere we go. Even if people want to give us a hard time about it. It doesn’t matter how we are on the outside or surface. An example is Jesus, he is home in heaven yet people “killed” him because of that, it was a “threat” to the ego and cultural patterns of the time, as it still is today for many people. Our culture depends on feeling empty to run, if we felt at home, we wouldn’t feel the same sense of dependency on television, junk foods, social media, artificial stimulation, and mindless sex. These voids generate a lot of money for our society. Our civilization is dependent on these self serving impulses. We want everything to be the way that is most pleasing to our senses and mind instead of what our body/mind/soul is in need of.


If we were to suddenly stop feeling empty, our civilization would collapse and we would quickly reinvent a better, more loving, and sustainable way. Our values would return to our actual needs of community, nutrition, clean water, love, physical activity, spending time in nature, and close relationships. If we feel truly home in love nothing can affect us at all. We recognize the imperishable soul. All attempts for the darkness to extinguish the light are futile.


Feeling home anywhere can allow us to act without fear, we can travel, take more risks, and be more authentic without fear of the repercussions.


Share the light of home free life, we were made to live freely and don’t need to spread slave mentality. Like a tree grows and a bird flies. To me, it is of utmost priority to spread the news that we don’t need to live like scared slaves, and can instead prioritize community, life, and love. It feels fulfilling to live selflessly, something that can only be experienced directly.

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