Taping into the individual spirit of each plant and mushroom for healing

Taping into the Spirit of Each Plant and Mushroom for Healing

Plants, Fungi, Bacteria, and Humans are alike in that we are all aware, and consciousness is generating our experience of reality. Each body is a vessel and since we are all connected we don’t need external interaction for communion to occur. When we use plants and mushrooms for medicine, it can be beneficial to also connect to the plant itself, and learn the lesson of the plant.


We often forget that all forms of life are in fact alive, each one experiencing reality filtered through the perception of their unique form, generating an individualized consciousness or self, within each being is the larger web of infinite consciousness. We can not expect plants to experience the world in the same way as humans or animals, because their bodies have entirely different sensory input. We often filter the truth through our own perception, rendering false, so we must loosen our perception in order to allow for the true and unique expression of the plant or mushroom to come through.

When we communicate with humans it is easy for us to empathize and understand the experience of the other human because we have a similar experience as them. Although we all may have an entirely different set of experiences, ego, world views, or mental ailments, it is much closer to our own experience than the consciousness of a plant or bacteria. Most of us can empathize with animals to some extent as well, although not as much as we can humans.


It seems that our ability to understand it typically limited by our mind attempting to fit everything which comes its way in to our already preconceived notions of experience. Even with the similarities we have to other humans, as long as we are viewing the other beings through the filter of our ego, we have limited accuracy in our interpretation of their experience.


We now are just starting to learn about the symbiotic relationships between plants and fungi. Science is starting to see how plants are able to communicate with each other through the mycelium networks under the ground. The mycelium is like the body and mind of the fungi, and the mushroom is akin to a fruit or reproductive organs. When a plant senses danger, it is able to send a signal through the symbiotic mycelium to the surrounding plants to warn them. The plants which receive the signal can adjust accordingly and change the chemicals they are producing to adapt to the new situation. The mycelium web is similar to the internet or our inner net in which different parts of our macrocosmic body transmit information, the brain neurons and pathways of larger entity we live within.



The process of learning to communicate with plants or fungi


There are two ways to communicate with plants, one is dualistic where we see our self as a separate being communing with another being where there is a sending and receiving of data from either side. The other way is nondualistic where we transcend our ego and directly experience the life of the being through the body and filtered perception of the other being, not our own interpretation of it. Oneness contains both Trancendent Awareness as well as Dualistic Seperation because it is all encompasing, it can be limited and simultaneously beyond limitation. We can see as the plant while being nothing at all.


The non dual method involves completely clearing the mind and experiencing all perspectives at once, this will allow direct experience of the plants, mushroom, or animal conciousness as our own life, we live it out. This it not easy for the untrained monkey mind. If you haven’t had much spiritual interest before this, I recommend mediation, communing with god, maintaining a healthy body, and spending time in nature.


Seeing the whole incompases looking at the world through every perspective at once and no perspective at all. If we just look through the filter of our human experience and ignore other posibilities, we are denying the existence and truth of the other multitude of life throughout the cosmos and the whole picture can never be seen. A tree that has lived for hundreds of years in the same spot contains a record of the of that place. The body of the tree is a part of the spirutual records storing pieces of information and data of the cosmos. Like storage in gods brain.


We can learn a differnt way of life from mushrooms, tuning ourself to be more harmoniously with our environment, in symbiosis instead of parasitic. If each of us is a part in the macrocosm, then we can be like a cancer on the body of creaton. If we look at the relationship between the micorrhizal fungi we see that the plants and mycelium exchange nutrients and water, it is a two way communication. Most humans are used to a parasitic life where we only take from nature without giving back, and the longer we perpetuate it the more imbalanced life on Earth will be. Parasitic life is like trying to maintain life by only inhaling and never exhaling, it will eventually lead to unconsciousness, and death. We need a balance of input and output.


It is important to figure out why we want to communicate with non-human beings such as plants or mushrooms. Every being can offer their own lessons because they have experienced their own life and have a unique perspective. Do we want to connect to nature to heal, or is it for self centered gain or power. There are some spirits disguised as a benevelent spirit, the spirit of a plant, or an angel, they can be the “shining darnkess” instead of light and actually deceptive entities. We must use discernment to deretmine the true spirit or soul from a false spirit in disguise. If we are seeking self centered desires we will most likely be too distracted to notice a negative entity for what it is. If we are acting in love we will be protected.


This is an attempt to capture the experience of communion but it can not be translated to words. I walk through the forest and am divinely guided to a patch of fingu. I don’t have any specific desires or issues but I feel that the divine has a message. I begin to clear my mind and establishing a connection to the mushroom. As in inhale I feel the pure life force filling my body, I exhale and feel the same energy within the mushroom. Awarere of the sensory and body input of the mushroom, I feel the presence of it within my own being, like it is a part of myself.


Mushrooms have a different perspective than humans, while the human attempts to mentally swims against the river and is faced with problems and solutions, all is clear to the mushroom, as its expanding tentrils are focused and fuffiling their purpose. Mushrooms are decomposers, we break down the dead and digest it for new life to flourish. In nature this we feed on “dead” trees and compost, in the human mind it is “dead” mind states, or a mind turned from the true light of life. In the ocean it is oil spills we digest, and in bread the expanding force. There is no action that goes against our purpuse, a perpetual state of transmutation allowing life to flourish. All is clear upon communion and the message was direct. The actual experience of how the information is received is impossible to communicate in written words because the mushroom is not speaking in English, but telepathic feelings beyond language. The mushroom has no fear of other beings, for it highly aware of the oneness connecting us, and lives in love which is the illuminator and destroyer of fear.


I know that might have been a little abstract or not really a guide, but is just a glance into of the nature of of a direct experience, it is not something we can capture in our minds but be direcly aware of. We can not mold each others consciousness into our own view and it still be true, for we have made it our own. It may be a little far out but that is fine, it is a tool that can be sharpened with time.

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