A Message from the Mystic Mycelium: Will we be cooked dry by the Sun or recieve the Light and come to Life?

A Message from the Mystic Mycelium : Will we be cooked dry by the Sun, or receive the light and come to life?

The World is on Fire and we need water to put it out.


Today I looked at a block of mycelium. It had dried to the core in the light of the sun. What was the difference between the mycelium, the substrate, and the dirt, I’m not even sure. The block could be refreshed in water bringing life to the mycelium. With the flow of water comes life. Without the flowing waters there is no difference between life and death, dry mycelium and soil, what is the distinction. What is the difference between our body and out surroundings. They merge as one inside the Sun. It’s not that the mycelium is dead in that state, but it isnt alive either. Black and white become grey.


If a mouse comes along and poops an apple seed on the dry block of substrate and mycelium, in the seed there lies all the potential for life to grow, but in itself not alive. It must receive the light through the flow of life which takes a dry block, and brings it back to life. Like the block of mycelium, the mind and soul can be dry like a desert.  Our soul may be dry but it has not died, and there is still time to come back to life.


To the deepest depths of a cold dark mind come the flowing waters of the river of life it goes to a seed a brings it to life and onward it flows illuminating life.”

-Mushroom Sprit

Our seed may lie baren in a desert with no water for a million years, until it recieves the flow of life. There exists the perfect conditions for the seed to grow into a tree, but without the water it will never see the light of the sun. From the darkness of nondistinction through the flow of water the seed grows and recieves the light of the sun. It grows to a tree, and sheds it leaves, fall on the ground its a home for seeds. With the flow of time and mycelium digesting our fallen past and renewing death into nourishment for the seed of life to grow into a tree.


In the trinity of life come the trees groing tall, moving onward with gods force and throuth the flow of life recieve the holy water and send it our roots below. They’ve been dry for too long, searching for water, not knowing where to go. A drop of rain down from the sky and with the flow of change starts storming outside, theres nothing to do , let the rain fall, drink up the water and let it flows to our daughter. She likes to drink it up too, but she put it in her brew, to cast a spell and went to hell till she drank it herself and received the flowing water.


In our past civilizations and cultures we have worshiped the physical sun till we were dried to the core. The sun takes many forms, but it is is still the sun and not the god force supporting the energy of the sun. We stare at the sun until we are blind, then from the darkness we realize that there is a light inside. The light that cooks us dead it like the artificial neon welcome sign glowing at a prostitution center, it is the dark “light” of death and dopamine. The light that nurtures is it that which brings forth the flow of life.


Can we make the distinction between god and dopamine? When our idea of heaven is self pleasure, we are far from the gates of heaven. If everyone was pleasuring themselves nobody would love each other purely. The love we see would be a reflection of our own selfish desires and attachments, instead of selfless service, the way to unconditional love. We would grow a culture dependent on sensuality in the forms of physical appearance, food with no nutrition, television, mindless sex, and artificial stimulation. These are like the lights at a an artificial sun tanning center burning our soul into a pile of ash. Do we really thing god is the light burning us in a sun tan booth, or is it the warping of the light into deceptive darkness?


When human culture lets us down, culture some mycelium instead!

Questions from the Mushrooms:

  • Would you worship a cup of water if you were dying of thirst or drink the water?
  • Am I the writer or what’s being written? Am I the decider or the decision? Wheres the flow between the two? What is bringing life to you?

Advice from the Mushrooms:

  • Trading the flow of life for power and control will take our soul and throw it in a black hole
  • In every fruit is nutrition for life and as we eat it we feed our grandchildren’s seed
  • No need concern with past or future lives when we are present in this one
  • In every breath we oxygenate all life in all directions of time
  • When people are depressed and dead let the flow of water bring life

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