Where did we learn “death” was real? Did we experience death ourself? Or is it just something that we think about?

Where did we learn “death” was real? Did we experience death ourself? Or is it just something that we think about and teach one another?

If you directly experienced death you wouldn’t be reading this. Is it just a rumor we have been told since we were a baby, is death against life, or is it love in a disguise of the mind? Did anyone ever die, or is it the Earth going back into generating more life? Are we eternal?


All my life people have been telling me to work hard to prevent death and that death is coming. I must work hard to stay alive, but I don’t actually see death anywhere around. I can have thoughts that my body is going to die but its nothing more than thoughts. When will I actually be dead? I have never seen proof of death? Some people say a “dead” body is proof. What dead body? I just see composting Earth. The Devine Trinity expressing itself.

What happens when I throw compost on the ground? It turns to soil and new life grows out of it. We need decomposition to make soil, soil to grow the seed of life, and life to turn back to soil. It’s a completely perfect system with no flaws. It is the basis for everything and all life.


What is soil? Soil is our foundation. It is made from all the life before us. It is our ancestors and all the collective actions that led up to this moment. Life is what happens in the moment. Every past moment together creates our soil and foundation. Like how our experiences create our mental foundation from which we grow and respond? Our experiences set the foundation for our preception of the world. The soil sets the foundation for the seed to grow. Our ancestors set the foundation for us to live here and now.



The falling leaves are new trees before they ever fall or compost. Just we are all life being maintained and supported within our our life. We are feeding from our past, growing now, holding seeds within our own body, planting seeds for future generations, and finally return to soil so the seeds we planted can grow. It is the destiny of the seed to turn to soil before ever sprouts. This is like a human life, we are destined to decompose before we are even born. The seed may never sprout and it will still turn to soil. The seed that grew to reach the light of the sun will compost, as will the seed that didn’t grow to the light of the sun. It may seem like there is no reason for the seed to activate then, because it will compost either way, but what if none of the seeds ever activated and grew to their full potential, we would never have new compost on the ground to grow more trees.


What would happen if the tree didn’t want to fall to the ground and the leaves didn’t want to leave the tree when it was time, nothing could exist because there would be no soil. It would be selfish of the trees to not want to allow more life to grow with its life as the foundation. How could we survive without the foundation? How could a building stand floating above the ground? How can a tree grow without its roots reaching deep in the soil? Death is the foundation for life. Death is not against life, it supports life.


Fearing  death is inherently selfish  because we are afraid to serve all life, we would rather imagine all life serve us, than to let go in gods flow where we have no control.To “die” in selfless loving service is to be free from death, and reborn in eternal life right here and now.

Is it right to try to make it as hard as possible for god to eat our body with formaldehyde and lead lined caskets? Everyone can judge for themselves, but I do know that it throws a wrench in the machine and makes life harder, along with leaving a big bill behind our for family to carry the burden of our mental construction of death. The chemicals may leach out from our body into the environment, but the Earth will succeed in digesting it with time, it is a guarantee, even if its a hundred or thousands of years. The rest of the plants and animals seem to work out perfectly falling on the ground and turning to soil. Like a phoenix turns to ashes and rises one again. Why are humans so different? Who told us it was a good idea to embalm a body? It it the same part of our ego that is afraid to die and compost for more life to grow?


Yin and yang support each other in harmony, not opposition. Two is the foundation for creation. In order for love, it must happen between two things. In order for One to experience love it must become two so that there is space for the love to occur. From oneness to twoness is the beginning of creation. Life and Death work together in love. Without one the other could not exist. The undivided essence/oneness simultaneously non dual yet supporting duality. Duality is god, love, and creation.


Where is this death I hear about? I have no idea. It’s not an idea in my mind at least. I just see eternal life and the perfect system of the trinity.


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