First Amanita Muscaria of 2021

First Amanita of the Season! Sept/17/21 Today I found the first Amanita of the season. It is Amanita Muscaria Var. Guesowii. I found it off a busy road under some deciduous trees (I think they were pines). It seemed a little early in the season but I guess not. I have seen some people onlineContinue reading “First Amanita Muscaria of 2021”

The Curse of Constant Competitions

The Curse of Constant Competitions Written By: Lunar Butterfly     Do my friend Lavena’s friends not like me or do I just think everyone hates me?  That’s what I thought when I met my friend Lavena’s friends for the first time. I sensed they didn’t like me, but in the spirit of being more open mindedContinue reading “The Curse of Constant Competitions”

Conflicts Learned from and Laughed at

By Lunar Butterfly      The things we go through are actually completely weightless when the realization sets in that these difficulties are just lessons meant to be learned from and laughed at. You don’t have to be angry or traumatized, even right after an incident just happened. It is possible and practicable to learn from anContinue reading “Conflicts Learned from and Laughed at”