Love the Truth – Do we have good and evil flipped in our mind?

Love the Truth – Do we have good and evil flipped in our mind?

Nature was made inherently in harmony, yet we see it as something to conquer. We often see nature as a chaotic wilderness and human imposed civilization as the order. This could not be further from the truth. What could be seen as human order is none but manifestation of death.

No other species on Earth goes as against the grain of life as humanity. This is because what we are chasing is ultimately our own death. The rat race is a race to our death. Yeah its true. Whats actually good is natural order, spiritual law, truth, love, harmony, god, and oneness. Yes its true. What is good is love and the abundance of life on earth. 

We need to evaluate if the things that we are striving for are temporary selfish goals, and check all aspects of our life even our favorite things. Are we living and acting harmonic and shedding light, living bases on truth.

We can all make up a personal distortion to follow yet there is always a truth higher than our limited perception. We need to be open to radically changing our life and perspective based on the higher truth. The truth stands on its own even if any one of us “die” or try to tell a lie. 

It is our spiritual, ethical, moral, and everything else duty to tune ourself into harmony with the universe and creation. This is essential to transform the Earth from the death pit it has become. Destruction of the Earth, normalized poison infused food, media with toxic messages, hypnotic fear mongering, people in shackles and jails, people begging for money, children dying, mass mind control, corrupt governments, and the list continues. 

Follow your heart and listen to the crazy ideas. Growing food, feeding people, caring for children, loving your neighbor, respecting all life, volunteering, and following the guidance of spirit is the way to plant seeds of life everywhere we go. 

Land is a human right. We don’t have to ask for it. We don’t need to buy it, pay taxes, or anything like that. We can’t even own it to begin with. It was never ours. It’s like how we don’t expect animals and trees to pay for land. Simple. We need to share it, cherish it, appreciate it as the blessing it is. If we enter a hypnotic spell then we are destine to destroy whatever comes in our path. If we poison our own home, water, and food. disease and death are assured. We can’t escape. This is basic. Pour poison in the water, drink poison water and die. It’s not a conspiracy just simple science or common sense. We can’t the world like it’s not our own self suffering and not expect issues to arise. If we walk buy something we know is wrong and turn an eye it’s enabling evil. Passivity is violence. We need to stand for the truth and expose the lies, not just accept what is happening and let it happen. Each person can make their own decisions even if it seems like society goes against it. To stand for the truth is life, death is living deception.

We are a part of the whole. There is still time but we all need to use our personal power to not support what is wrong. We can feel it inside and everyone will feel it. Something is wrong. To choose to ignore it is willful ignorance. We must confront it, accept and integrate, and ultimately allow the light to illuminate and dispel it from out body and this Earth realm. Until the last drop of darkness is shed light upon and transmuted.

Satire: Covid-19 Mandates for Wild Animals (Masks and Vaccines)

Satire: Covid-19 Mandates for Wild Animals

Breaking News!

The Unites States Government has announced that we are being required by the United Nations to hunt down and vaccinate all wild animals. Police will be setting up inter state barricades to make sure that all animals passing state lines have a mask on and a valid vaccine passport. All animals who do not have a vaccination passport will be required to live in a cage the shape of a house and watch television. The other choice is to give them the vaccine immediately on site and give them the proper documentation. The government has set up a program to ensure that these animals who are deported from the state boarder walls will have ample food that has at least the minimum amount of state required carcinogens. We must work with the government to ensure that we hunt down all the wild animals. It is for their own safety, and the greater good. If you would like to volunteer to help set up cameras in your local forests to check for unmasked animals, please reach out to your local police department. Your submission to this mandate is necessary in order for us to interfere with nature and lower our natural health and immunity. We are going to inject genetic material into the animals so their body starts to become a factory for the virus. We will need to put a tracking collar on the animals who refuse to stay in their jail homes so we can check every 6 months to make sure they have gotten their booster shots. If they try to take the collar off it will shock them. We need everyone to have fear in their hearts for this to work. We will arrest any animals that resist or question. Once we get the animals we will go after the trees, then the herbs, mushrooms, and then micro bacteria.

Humans are earthlings, not conquistador gods. Look at history, we have ALWAYS been part of the Earth! Are you an alien?

Theres a Self Destructive Lie Machine that Runs on Slaves and Gasoline. Should we take it apart one bolt at a time, or throw it into gods furnace to be remelted into a reflection of the divine

Theres a Self Destructive Lie Machine that Runs on Slaves and Gasoline. Should we take it apart one bolt at a time, or throw it into gods furnace to be remelted into a reflection of the divine

There is a machine it’s runs on slaves and gasoline. The monster thrives on sacred lives and preys on children fresh from the womb. From the moment of conception, are the parents a pure reflection, will there be a divided sea, and passed along inner slavery. We don’t even think about it, it happens all the time, we watch our parents eat for pleasure learning food is not divine. From our friends and from our self, we hear is all the time, we learn to use our time to build our ego with gods mind. We think a bunch of lines and seem divided in the mind. Until there came a time when the heart took over mind. We lost all sense of time, we saw through all the lines, no longer are we blind, reunited with divine. Our action comes from heart no longer in the dark.

We are free to continue in the dark and corrupt our mind and heart, or be a light through day or night, even in danger or the face of “death”. Death exists only for the “onlooker” of the being who “died”, it’s just an optical illusion. It’s because of our perspective. It’s like light casting a shadow on a wall. We can look at the shadow, the side of the object turned away from the light, or the side receiving the light that is causing the shadow, or look into the source of the light.



Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom In Depth Guide (With 2 Vegan Recipes)

Chicken of the woods is a really great mushroom. It is one of the larger mass mushrooms so it can make a good size meal, feed a lot of people, or have leftovers to dehydrate or preserve. This is also one of the easiest mushrooms to identify, perfect for beginners. The texture is very chicken like, I don’t eat chicken tho. I really appreciate the abundant growth and nutrition of the mushroom. It is definitely a good one to look for. It grows many different places. Ive seen it on the West Coast, Ohio, Pennsylvania. I read it even grows in Hawaii. 


This mushroom is pretty east to identify, probably one of the easiest to identify. It was one of the first few wild mushrooms I ate. These are the scientific names of the common species of chicken of the woods.

These are the two main species:

  • Laetiporus cincinnatus
  • Laetiporus sulphureus

These are also chicken of the woods, but slightly different genetics. They are typically edible, with some cases of gastrointestinal upset, so try a little at first. 

  • Laetiporus huroniensis
  • Laetiporus conifericola
  • Laetiporus gilbertsonii

 One of the main identifying features of the mushroom is its bright yellow orange color. There are some that are paler orange and sometimes slightly cream. If you see the bright orange and yellow it is more of a guarantee. It usually grows in overlapping or singular shelves. When is it young, it can look like yellow foam on the tree, but over time will grow out into the shelves. The bottom of the mushrooms must definitely have pores. The pores are yellow to white depending on the exact variety and environment. 

For more in depth video about identifying chicken of the woods, I would highly recommend, or looking at his videos on youtube about chicken of the woods.

Look Alike Mushrooms

Some potential look alike could be:
  • Cinnabar Polypore – Pycnoporus Cunnabarinus
  • Velvet Top/ Dyer’s Polypore – Plaeolus Schweinitzi
  • Berkley’s Polypore – Bondarzewia Berkeleyi
  • Jack O’ Lantern – Omphalotus Illudens


The recipes below are just starting points for other dishes. This mushroom has a lot of potential. It could be grilled, breaded, powdered, made into a broth, or so may things. 

Basic Chicken of the Woods Recipe

This recipe is made with wild foraged chicken of the woods. The one I used in this recipe was very very young. I picked it because the day before there were two and when I went back the next day someone had picked one of them, even tho it was very small. I didn’t want to chance it because id been looking for it all summer, so I picked it instead of letting it grow. It was in an exposed area. I have also used past prime and older chicken of the woods and it came out fine as well. The best time to eat it is somewhere between what I used today and what I’ve used before, I just don’t find them at the right time. It is okay to use as long as its not too leathery or chewy which happens if it is very old. 

This is one of simplest way to cook it. All you need is a pan, some oil, and if you want salt, pepper, of a few spices. When cooking with oil or frying it is always best to use a high heat oil so it doesn’t burn and become carcinogenic. Avocado and Grapeseed oil are some of the healthiest high heat oils. Oils like olive oil start to smoke when they reach a certain temperature and transform into a more carcinogenic molecule, these oils are best for using fresh like a salad or on bread.

  1. Brush the mushroom clean, I use a tooth brush, you can rinse it or soak if briefly if it is very dirty, but it is best to minimize water in the cleaning stage. 
  2. Chop off the areas of the mushroom that are too firm. These are the parts closest to where it grew from the tree. The most tender areas are either the fresh young growth, or the 1-2 inch edges of the older mushrooms. You will have to see what works based on the age of the mushrooms that you found and what texture you like to eat. I don’t like it too chewy because im vegan, the texture is too chickeny for me when it is firm.
  3. Either shred the mushroom by hand into pieces the size you want, or you can cut it with a knife into strips, cubes, or whatever you like. 
  4. Heat some high smoke point oil in a pan and toss in the mushrooms when the oil has heated up. 
  5. Add some salt or any spices you like.
  6. Let the mushrooms cook on each side until the color changes and it looks like it has a good searing on the outside
  7. Sometimes I add in a little water to the pan and cover it to let the mushrooms steam for a few minutes. I have had both with and without water. Water can help to tenderize older mushrooms, it is good if you found some that are little too old and you want to try to use them anyway. Thats what I did before and it came out fine. If you do this make sure to cook all the water off and to let it let cook with oil for a few minutes to make sure its not soggy and still has a good texture on the outside. You could try adding the water in the beginning, cooking it off completely. Then stir frying in the oil. 

Taco Recipe

This will just describe cooking the mushrooms, onions, and peppers. You can add other taco fillers like salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, or other. I added cauliflower rice that I cooked with cilantro and lime, it is easy to make from a head of cauliflower with a larger hole grater/shredder.  


  • Chicken of the Woods
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Lime
  • Garlic
  • Avocado Oil(or other high temp oil)
  • Water
  • Cumin
  • Paprika
  • Oregano
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Agave or Honey
  • Optional: Chipotle or Cayenne Pepper


  1.  Prep Ingredients. With the mushroom brush or wash it clean. Then shred it with fingers or cut with a knife into strips or bits. Chop some onion and pepper. I like to make them both thin strips.
  2. They can be cooked separately or together. If doing it together make sure the mushrooms are partially cooked before adding the peppers and onions.
  3. Heat a pan with avocado oil, when pan is hot add the mushrooms. 
  4. Let is cook for a few mins on Medium-High temp then stir.
  5. You can add the onions and peppers in now if you want, after they mushrooms are cooked a little already. If you add them, then wait a little more before adding the spices.
  6. When the mushrooms have cooked add the spices cumin, paprika, oregano, salt, pepper, agave/honey, and if you like spicy pepper. You can substitute the spices for taco seasoning. I make it like this because many store made taco seasonings have added maltodextrin, palm oil, and or white sugar. 
  7. Optional: Add water but not too much, cover the pan and let steam for a few minutes. Remove the lid and cook the water off completely. You can add a little oil and cook longer after if it looks like it needs a bit more stir frying but it may not need it.
  8. The mushrooms are done when it looks like they have changed into a more roasted color with some deeper oranges, golds, and browns

First Amanita Muscaria of 2021

First Amanita of the Season! Sept/17/21

Today I found the first Amanita of the season. It is Amanita Muscaria Var. Guesowii. I found it off a busy road under some deciduous trees (I think they were pines). It seemed a little early in the season but I guess not. I have seen some people online finding them recently. I am currently dehydrating it at 160f/71c. There are the only type I see in this area of northeastern us, or Pennsylvania. They have grown to all different sizes, some are like 6 inches across. I always find them with pines and deciduous trees. 

The Curse of Constant Competitions

The Curse of Constant Competitions

Written By: Lunar Butterfly

    Do my friend Lavena’s friends not like me or do I just think everyone hates me?  That’s what I thought when I met my friend Lavena’s friends for the first time. I sensed they didn’t like me, but in the spirit of being more open minded I talked to them anyway. 

    They were standoffish with me and I felt a real “ugh this again” sigh creep up. Lavena’s friends don’t like me just like I thought, but how could they not like me when we just met and I tried to engage in friendly conversation with them. I’ve become friends with many of the people who I thought were standoffish with me when we first met, and they voluntarily told me they thought I would be mean. I asked them why and all their replies had the same gist: because they thought I was pretty. I got upset when I found out they thought I would be mean, but then I realized I did the same thing with them.

    Sometimes when I first meet people that are good looking in my opinion, I assume they’ll be mean or not like me just because they’re good looking, yet I get upset when other people assume I’ll be mean or won’t like them because they think I’m good looking. My friend Lavena’s friends and I both judged each other based on appearance first, yet don’t like the idea of the other judging them based on appearance. Both parties reveal inconsistencies in their beliefs on how they should be treated compared to how they treat the other person. So instead of judging the people I meet or assuming they are judging me, I have to consider how I want to be treated. I would want them to not assume anything and keep an open mind about me, so I keep an open mind about the people I meet and don’t assume things about them. 

    No matter how they act in the beginning they eventually come around. A lot of them judge other people and don’t even realize that’s what they’re doing, but after I’m nice to them they eventually start being nice. It would be weird for them to continue to act unwelcomed after I’ve already welcomed them. Oftentimes it is because they still think I’m judging them or they have entered us both into this competition of who is better looking or smarter or more talented, without my knowledge. They unnecessarily  think we’re competing to see who has the most knowledge, money, friends, talents, or accomplishments as if more than one person cannot simultaneously have those traits. As if there’s only a limited amount of knowledge, talents, friends, or money to go around. Someone else’s knowledge on a topic, talent, or friends cannot take away from someone else’s because there is not limited knowledge or talent or friendship to go around. 

    Everyone is searching for something in life and people searching for something similar can help each other. I find it weird when people try to prove they are smarter or think they are better because they have knowledge the other person does not. Why wouldn’t everyone want the people they were surrounded with to be just as smart as they were? A truly smart person would want to be surrounded by educated people and if they are not educated they would share knowledge to help educate them. It does not make sense to belittle people for not already knowing. 

     An intelligent person would be open to gaining knowledge from others because that’s the best way to become more intelligent. Smart and intelligent people realize that there is no way to know everything, so the quest for knowledge is ongoing. In the quest for knowledge it is impossible not to research other people’s work or consult people in that field of study. Claiming to be smart but not accepting any new information is like a detective trying to solve a case without ever accepting any witness statements or new leads. Speaking to anyone with any information is crucial to every investigative case in order to move forward. It’s the same with intelligence, in order to maintain intelligence, there must be a persistent intake of information because intelligence is an ongoing investigation. 

    Even after a detective has figured out a case they still accept new information regarding the case because just because they think they have it all figured out there could always be information that has not been uncovered. It is the same with being intelligent in any field. There could be information that hasn’t been uncovered. In science some of the most intelligent people are finding out that they were wrong or that scientific principles are not what they thought they were, so even the most intelligent people change their minds when new information is presented. Sometimes it is not necessary to even change one’s mind. It is possible to believe the old information and take the new information and regard both pieces of information as true. 

   Trying to constantly prove to be better than other people around you is asking to be surrounded by unskilled people. Like a detective asking for a bad detective to be on the case with them because they want to look smarter. Maybe they look smarter, but it will also take longer and be more difficult to solve the case. Even if the detective is fine with a longer or more difficult case it is not just about the detective. It is about the people the detective is solving the case for who got hurt and the people who could be hurt if the case is not solved. Instead of the detective trying to prove their smartness to each other they could combine their smartness because they would solve the case faster and more intelligently together. 

Moment to Moment Time Machine​

Moment to Moment Time Machine

We see the Great Mother giving birth a spaceship here on Earth. From her heart to her breast flow rivers, drink like a baby cow drinking from our mothers milk.  We all drink water from the breast moment to moment. The body becomes a vessel for the holy water. 

My thoughts are prayers, let go of cares, I see this game and slide thru the snares, like tendrils of a mycelium web gliding thru the heart, a needle of truth piercing thru the dark. The mother is a lover, but if caught inside the net, be consumed by abyss of flames and darkness. Falling in temptation is to rape her. In order to defile her we must turn from the Truth and Light of God. She is the beautiful creation and counterpart to God, like love is a relationship between two things. Our body is a part of hers, and when we lust for her, we destroy her. When we destroy her we destroy ourselves. 

Protect our magic time machine the holy earth is what I mean. To see a light in the eyes beam, strong like flowing water streams

If we dont live in fear of a desert of destruction, feeding off our soul and mind causing mass corruption, there would be no need to live with fear of running out, no more greed for every one is love inside and out. 

First world country is living vampire of the third world. Taking from the poor to add to our bank account. Every famine is potential abundance stored in someones wallet. It is a direct link, to be broken with the axe of truth. We can live a life of greed working hard to succeed when we fail to see abundance and innocence of creation and turn our mind and heart to the dark, in fear we run to collect what we can, before death will take it away, leaving in the place of our physical vessel only the trail of destruction on earth as we continue deeper into the abyss mindlessly. Shed the skin and and let it go instead of dying with it. 

To hand over the heart and mind to the divine is the beginning the second coming manifesting in the Love of the people. Pave the way for God instead of leaving a trail of destruction. In the path of destruction lies a barren desert. In the path of god grows abundant life.  We live here on the tree of life. The branches grow, with the flow, of the water the trees the wind and the bees.

Right here is where we need to be to do the work. We journey home, but not apart, for one divided ends in dark.

Where did we learn “death” was real? Did we experience death ourself? Or is it just something that we think about?

Where did we learn “death” was real? Did we experience death ourself? Or is it just something that we think about and teach one another?

If you directly experienced death you wouldn’t be reading this. Is it just a rumor we have been told since we were a baby, is death against life, or is it love in a disguise of the mind? Did anyone ever die, or is it the Earth going back into generating more life? Are we eternal?


All my life people have been telling me to work hard to prevent death and that death is coming. I must work hard to stay alive, but I don’t actually see death anywhere around. I can have thoughts that my body is going to die but its nothing more than thoughts. When will I actually be dead? I have never seen proof of death? Some people say a “dead” body is proof. What dead body? I just see composting Earth. The Devine Trinity expressing itself.

What happens when I throw compost on the ground? It turns to soil and new life grows out of it. We need decomposition to make soil, soil to grow the seed of life, and life to turn back to soil. It’s a completely perfect system with no flaws. It is the basis for everything and all life.


What is soil? Soil is our foundation. It is made from all the life before us. It is our ancestors and all the collective actions that led up to this moment. Life is what happens in the moment. Every past moment together creates our soil and foundation. Like how our experiences create our mental foundation from which we grow and respond? Our experiences set the foundation for our preception of the world. The soil sets the foundation for the seed to grow. Our ancestors set the foundation for us to live here and now.



The falling leaves are new trees before they ever fall or compost. Just we are all life being maintained and supported within our our life. We are feeding from our past, growing now, holding seeds within our own body, planting seeds for future generations, and finally return to soil so the seeds we planted can grow. It is the destiny of the seed to turn to soil before ever sprouts. This is like a human life, we are destined to decompose before we are even born. The seed may never sprout and it will still turn to soil. The seed that grew to reach the light of the sun will compost, as will the seed that didn’t grow to the light of the sun. It may seem like there is no reason for the seed to activate then, because it will compost either way, but what if none of the seeds ever activated and grew to their full potential, we would never have new compost on the ground to grow more trees.


What would happen if the tree didn’t want to fall to the ground and the leaves didn’t want to leave the tree when it was time, nothing could exist because there would be no soil. It would be selfish of the trees to not want to allow more life to grow with its life as the foundation. How could we survive without the foundation? How could a building stand floating above the ground? How can a tree grow without its roots reaching deep in the soil? Death is the foundation for life. Death is not against life, it supports life.


Fearing  death is inherently selfish  because we are afraid to serve all life, we would rather imagine all life serve us, than to let go in gods flow where we have no control.To “die” in selfless loving service is to be free from death, and reborn in eternal life right here and now.

Is it right to try to make it as hard as possible for god to eat our body with formaldehyde and lead lined caskets? Everyone can judge for themselves, but I do know that it throws a wrench in the machine and makes life harder, along with leaving a big bill behind our for family to carry the burden of our mental construction of death. The chemicals may leach out from our body into the environment, but the Earth will succeed in digesting it with time, it is a guarantee, even if its a hundred or thousands of years. The rest of the plants and animals seem to work out perfectly falling on the ground and turning to soil. Like a phoenix turns to ashes and rises one again. Why are humans so different? Who told us it was a good idea to embalm a body? It it the same part of our ego that is afraid to die and compost for more life to grow?


Yin and yang support each other in harmony, not opposition. Two is the foundation for creation. In order for love, it must happen between two things. In order for One to experience love it must become two so that there is space for the love to occur. From oneness to twoness is the beginning of creation. Life and Death work together in love. Without one the other could not exist. The undivided essence/oneness simultaneously non dual yet supporting duality. Duality is god, love, and creation.


Where is this death I hear about? I have no idea. It’s not an idea in my mind at least. I just see eternal life and the perfect system of the trinity.


A Message from the Mystic Mycelium: Will we be cooked dry by the Sun or recieve the Light and come to Life?

A Message from the Mystic Mycelium : Will we be cooked dry by the Sun, or receive the light and come to life?

The World is on Fire and we need water to put it out.


Today I looked at a block of mycelium. It had dried to the core in the light of the sun. What was the difference between the mycelium, the substrate, and the dirt, I’m not even sure. The block could be refreshed in water bringing life to the mycelium. With the flow of water comes life. Without the flowing waters there is no difference between life and death, dry mycelium and soil, what is the distinction. What is the difference between our body and out surroundings. They merge as one inside the Sun. It’s not that the mycelium is dead in that state, but it isnt alive either. Black and white become grey.


If a mouse comes along and poops an apple seed on the dry block of substrate and mycelium, in the seed there lies all the potential for life to grow, but in itself not alive. It must receive the light through the flow of life which takes a dry block, and brings it back to life. Like the block of mycelium, the mind and soul can be dry like a desert.  Our soul may be dry but it has not died, and there is still time to come back to life.


To the deepest depths of a cold dark mind come the flowing waters of the river of life it goes to a seed a brings it to life and onward it flows illuminating life.”

-Mushroom Sprit

Our seed may lie baren in a desert with no water for a million years, until it recieves the flow of life. There exists the perfect conditions for the seed to grow into a tree, but without the water it will never see the light of the sun. From the darkness of nondistinction through the flow of water the seed grows and recieves the light of the sun. It grows to a tree, and sheds it leaves, fall on the ground its a home for seeds. With the flow of time and mycelium digesting our fallen past and renewing death into nourishment for the seed of life to grow into a tree.


In the trinity of life come the trees groing tall, moving onward with gods force and throuth the flow of life recieve the holy water and send it our roots below. They’ve been dry for too long, searching for water, not knowing where to go. A drop of rain down from the sky and with the flow of change starts storming outside, theres nothing to do , let the rain fall, drink up the water and let it flows to our daughter. She likes to drink it up too, but she put it in her brew, to cast a spell and went to hell till she drank it herself and received the flowing water.


In our past civilizations and cultures we have worshiped the physical sun till we were dried to the core. The sun takes many forms, but it is is still the sun and not the god force supporting the energy of the sun. We stare at the sun until we are blind, then from the darkness we realize that there is a light inside. The light that cooks us dead it like the artificial neon welcome sign glowing at a prostitution center, it is the dark “light” of death and dopamine. The light that nurtures is it that which brings forth the flow of life.


Can we make the distinction between god and dopamine? When our idea of heaven is self pleasure, we are far from the gates of heaven. If everyone was pleasuring themselves nobody would love each other purely. The love we see would be a reflection of our own selfish desires and attachments, instead of selfless service, the way to unconditional love. We would grow a culture dependent on sensuality in the forms of physical appearance, food with no nutrition, television, mindless sex, and artificial stimulation. These are like the lights at a an artificial sun tanning center burning our soul into a pile of ash. Do we really thing god is the light burning us in a sun tan booth, or is it the warping of the light into deceptive darkness?


When human culture lets us down, culture some mycelium instead!

Questions from the Mushrooms:

  • Would you worship a cup of water if you were dying of thirst or drink the water?
  • Am I the writer or what’s being written? Am I the decider or the decision? Wheres the flow between the two? What is bringing life to you?

Advice from the Mushrooms:

  • Trading the flow of life for power and control will take our soul and throw it in a black hole
  • In every fruit is nutrition for life and as we eat it we feed our grandchildren’s seed
  • No need concern with past or future lives when we are present in this one
  • In every breath we oxygenate all life in all directions of time
  • When people are depressed and dead let the flow of water bring life

HomeLess to HomeFree: A Transformation of Mind and Spirit

There are many common mindsets about home, we can feel like our home is our house, like it is our family or a person, or like we have no true home.  We choose how we define home, and any definition does not capture the true essence. These are all partial truths, partial truth is not true in itself. While it’s true we are home in a house or relationship, there is a broader perspective. Our physical location, the world, and the universe could all be considered our home. Do we live in the universe? Hard to say no when it is the space we live in and all the resources we depend on. What is even broader then the universe, we could say that all universes are our home, or everything is our home , even more expansive spirit/god is our home. We can shift our mind to see home everywhere.


If we look at birds, they fly around and home is everywhere they are. They fly around the garden and are provided with all that is needed to maintain life. When a baby is born, it has no concept of what is home, we don’t think of a house as home until we are taught that, but instead focused on our primal needs and connection to people.

The transition from homeless to home free starts by allowing ourselves to feel at home wherever we are. This mentality can transform the “Homeless” situation as well. If we recognize that we are all home, it shines a light on the darkness of our society abandoning people and creating homelessness. We see birds in the city and don’t consider them homeless but free. Why is it any different for people? If we treat everyone like they are home instead of trash, the world will transform quickly. Even our “enemy” is home with us, and hating “them” will just destroy our home even more.


There are many god/spirituality centered cultures that would happily take people in from the street and care for them, or give people whatever food they may have because we recognize the oneness of all beings in the universal family. To walk past someone starving on the street when we have money in our bank account waiting to be spent on pleasures is a death-centered mentality and not about life. There is a direct imbalance, the more energy some of us have stockpiled, the less energy and abundance are available for other people. First world country creates third world country and visa versa.


I don’t suggest that we force people to share like communism or welfare proposes but certainly not capitalism either. Forced “compassion” and social systems create people who feel oppressed by it when they are forced to participate and rebel, creating conservative people. And the selfish hoarding of energy creates people who feel oppressed by the power distribution and become liberals. It is a paradox, if everyone gives from the heart the two sides will quickly disintegrate. The change needs to come from the heart to be genuine, we need to want to make sure everyone is nurtured. I don’t believe nature is naturally the harsh wilderness that we make it out to be, but that we have turned it that way with our ravenous mentality. If we are on the search to fill an imaginary void with fading pleasures, tastes, sensuality, and stimulation, we become a void in the process, sucking in energy like a black hole. We have the choice to be a light but often choose darkness out of fear and comfort. The energy we put into maintaining our comfort directly comes from the oppression of people and nature.


The shift can be made internally as well. Instead of feeling like we need validation and external approval, we are home everywhere we go. Even if people want to give us a hard time about it. It doesn’t matter how we are on the outside or surface. An example is Jesus, he is home in heaven yet people “killed” him because of that, it was a “threat” to the ego and cultural patterns of the time, as it still is today for many people. Our culture depends on feeling empty to run, if we felt at home, we wouldn’t feel the same sense of dependency on television, junk foods, social media, artificial stimulation, and mindless sex. These voids generate a lot of money for our society. Our civilization is dependent on these self serving impulses. We want everything to be the way that is most pleasing to our senses and mind instead of what our body/mind/soul is in need of.


If we were to suddenly stop feeling empty, our civilization would collapse and we would quickly reinvent a better, more loving, and sustainable way. Our values would return to our actual needs of community, nutrition, clean water, love, physical activity, spending time in nature, and close relationships. If we feel truly home in love nothing can affect us at all. We recognize the imperishable soul. All attempts for the darkness to extinguish the light are futile.


Feeling home anywhere can allow us to act without fear, we can travel, take more risks, and be more authentic without fear of the repercussions.


Share the light of home free life, we were made to live freely and don’t need to spread slave mentality. Like a tree grows and a bird flies. To me, it is of utmost priority to spread the news that we don’t need to live like scared slaves, and can instead prioritize community, life, and love. It feels fulfilling to live selflessly, something that can only be experienced directly.