Chicken of the Woods

Chicken of the Woods Mushroom In Depth Guide (With 2 Vegan Recipes) Chicken of the woods is a really great mushroom. It is one of the larger mass mushrooms so it can make a good size meal, feed a lot of people, or have leftovers to dehydrate or preserve. This is also one of theContinue reading “Chicken of the Woods”

Taping into the individual spirit of each plant and mushroom for healing

Taping into the Spirit of Each Plant and Mushroom for Healing Plants, Fungi, Bacteria, and Humans are alike in that we are all aware, and consciousness is generating our experience of reality. Each body is a vessel and since we are all connected we don’t need external interaction for communion to occur. When we useContinue reading “Taping into the individual spirit of each plant and mushroom for healing”

Making and Using Amanita Muscaria Tea

This is an in-depth guide on the preparation and use of amanita muscaria tea for medicinal benefit. I must start by saying that I don’t recommend anyone ingest these mushrooms. Topical use should be fine for most people. If you want to use these mushrooms to treat a physical or mental illness or use themContinue reading “Making and Using Amanita Muscaria Tea”