Our Vision

Mystic Mycelium revolves around the healing powers of fungi, plants, and nature as a whole.

Mystic Mycelium

Our vision is to create a fully sustainable Holistic Healing Community. We dont have the land or the funds but it is the vision. It will be funded in part by the profits of the natural products available on this website. The long-term mission for this Holistic Healing Community will be to grow an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables which will be given to the local community. We will grow mushrooms and herbs that will be used to produce the natural products that are available on this website, and will be available for free or at a much lower cost to the local community, and people who need it due to medical conditions but do not have financial abundance. This self-sustaining Holistic Healing community will encourage a trade-based economy when possible and focus on mental, physical, and spiritual deep healing. Residents will be living in harmony with the earth, promoting sustainability and altruism. Plant and fungus based holistic healing will be utilized in the forms of teas, tinctures, creams, extracts, and oils. Yoga, qi gong, tai chi, and other flow meditation workshops will be offered along with art therapy and other natural healing workshops. Structures in this Holistic Healing Community would utilize as much as possible the surrounding natural habitat which would include bamboo, rocks, fallen trees, non-endangered species of trees we cut ourselves, pebbles, clay, and more in the design. We want to minimize the amount of synthetic or unsustainable products. We would have a few communal spaces where there would be an off-grid electric system, solar, or even something more sustainable and efficient. We want to be able to connect with other self-sustaining communities around the world to form a global network that would encourage travel, living a mindful life, a natural and abundant life. Land that can yield an abundance of fruit and vegetables is the key to this vision and profits from the products sold on this website will be used for this purchase. The website provides a blog about natural healing utilizing fungi and plant-based products and we invite you to share your experiences. Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you when things are up and running. 


For more info or help email: MysticMycelium@gmail.com


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