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This page is dedicated to physical and spiritual healing, connecting humans, and shading light. There are many resources that are attached on this page. We would love more contributions. It is like spreading mycelium thru humanity for the sake of healing and making new connections. If you have anything to add to the page, including art, natural healing products, 

Dani ~ Heart Visions (@heart.visions)

Go to instagram to view her lovely artwork and send a direct message on instagram for custom pieces

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“I have an aptitude for seeing a person’s soul gifts and the obstacles in their way. I see myself as a fierce liberator, assisting others in breaking out of societal, familial, or self imposed prisons. I support and facilitate each of us bringing forth their soul gifts and sharing them as sovereign unbridled brilliant beings in the world. I revel in each individual’s unique personal iteration of utter expression. Let’s do this—YES!”

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Amanita Dreamer

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Amanita Dreamer is a truly wonderful human. She is devoted to the mushroom medicine and healing. It shows in the beautiful connection she has with the mushroom and her viewers. I have met her in person and she has powerful energy, she uses it well and directs it in a way that really helps a lot of people. I fully support her and her mission. Amanita Dreamer makes videos and publishes them on her website as well as a few video platforms(I will link below). They are some of the MOST IN DEPTH AMANITA MUSCARIA VIDEOS I have ever seen. If you are interested in working with this mushroom, have used it in the past, or are curious about the mysteries surrounding the mysteries fungi, then I would absolutely check her out. She covers different mushroom preparations, mushroom science, history, potential uses of the mushroom, spirituality, and the most potent is her own direct experience. 


Main Website(videos and more): AmanitaDreamer.Net

Uncensored Videos:



Censored Videos:

Featured Music Playlist:

Please write in with recommendations of live and studio or home recorded music. The playlists have similar of the same songs but on different platforms, and a mix of recording and live. I only have songs that I 100% resonate with the lyrics, I think that’s SO SO important, music is subconscious programming whether we like to admit it and recognize it or not. 

You can email if you have any ideas.


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