Love the Truth – Do we have good and evil flipped in our mind?

Love the Truth – Do we have good and evil flipped in our mind?

Nature was made inherently in harmony, yet we see it as something to conquer. We often see nature as a chaotic wilderness and human imposed civilization as the order. This could not be further from the truth. What could be seen as human order is none but manifestation of death.

No other species on Earth goes as against the grain of life as humanity. This is because what we are chasing is ultimately our own death. The rat race is a race to our death. Yeah its true. Whats actually good is natural order, spiritual law, truth, love, harmony, god, and oneness. Yes its true. What is good is love and the abundance of life on earth. 

We need to evaluate if the things that we are striving for are temporary selfish goals, and check all aspects of our life even our favorite things. Are we living and acting harmonic and shedding light, living bases on truth.

We can all make up a personal distortion to follow yet there is always a truth higher than our limited perception. We need to be open to radically changing our life and perspective based on the higher truth. The truth stands on its own even if any one of us “die” or try to tell a lie. 

It is our spiritual, ethical, moral, and everything else duty to tune ourself into harmony with the universe and creation. This is essential to transform the Earth from the death pit it has become. Destruction of the Earth, normalized poison infused food, media with toxic messages, hypnotic fear mongering, people in shackles and jails, people begging for money, children dying, mass mind control, corrupt governments, and the list continues. 

Follow your heart and listen to the crazy ideas. Growing food, feeding people, caring for children, loving your neighbor, respecting all life, volunteering, and following the guidance of spirit is the way to plant seeds of life everywhere we go. 

Land is a human right. We don’t have to ask for it. We don’t need to buy it, pay taxes, or anything like that. We can’t even own it to begin with. It was never ours. It’s like how we don’t expect animals and trees to pay for land. Simple. We need to share it, cherish it, appreciate it as the blessing it is. If we enter a hypnotic spell then we are destine to destroy whatever comes in our path. If we poison our own home, water, and food. disease and death are assured. We can’t escape. This is basic. Pour poison in the water, drink poison water and die. It’s not a conspiracy just simple science or common sense. We can’t the world like it’s not our own self suffering and not expect issues to arise. If we walk buy something we know is wrong and turn an eye it’s enabling evil. Passivity is violence. We need to stand for the truth and expose the lies, not just accept what is happening and let it happen. Each person can make their own decisions even if it seems like society goes against it. To stand for the truth is life, death is living deception.

We are a part of the whole. There is still time but we all need to use our personal power to not support what is wrong. We can feel it inside and everyone will feel it. Something is wrong. To choose to ignore it is willful ignorance. We must confront it, accept and integrate, and ultimately allow the light to illuminate and dispel it from out body and this Earth realm. Until the last drop of darkness is shed light upon and transmuted.

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