Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms: Potent Healer, yet Feared

Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms: Potent Healer, yet Feared

The photo to the right is me holding an Amanita Muscaria Var. Guessowii

The Amanita Muscaria is a myserious fungi with a large healing potential and contradictory view on its uses and edibility. Although some books claiming that it is poisonous, upon further investigation it became apparent that out ancestors have harvested the healing power of this fungi in both their physical and spiritual life. In this article I will touch upon the mystic history of this mushroom, chemical constituants, as well as the reasoning behind its mainstream fear surrounding it.

This mushroom contains two main molecules of interest, Ibotenic Acid and Muscimol, which are responsible for its physical healing as well as psychoactivity. Ibotenic Acid can function as a neurotoxin in high enough doses, but there are no deaths associated with this fungi. The healing from Ibotenic Acid comes from using it topically or microdosing it internally, and luckily our ancestors have figured out how to convert the Ibotenic acid into Muscimol.This is achieved through drying the mushroom, and to increase the amount converted, it can be dried at a hotter temperature. Our ancestor would dry them near a fire, some say in a stocking over the fireplace. After this, the mushroom is boiled in water ranging from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, and this will convert much of the remaining Iborenic Acid to Muscimol. Muscimol is a much safer chemical, it is safer for internal ingestion, and is great for topical use too. According to “PubChem Compound Summary for CID 4266, Muscimol”, there are 38 known symptoms or ailments that Muscimol has evidence for.*

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In traditional Siberian culture, the shamans would eat the mushrooms fresh, and their body would convert the ibotenic acid to muscimol. They would then save their urine and give it to the other tribe member to drink, as it was now safer because of the conversion that took place in the shamans body. Sometimes, the people would even drink the urine of remainders who would also enjoy munching on the mushrooms themselves. The urine of the mushroom eaters was sometimes recycled many times. When they drank the urine, it caused thm to fall into a deep trance and have profound spiritual revelations, while in the process curing their physical ailments. It allowed the people to step outside of their egos, and into the true reality of oneness.

Shamans could prepare the shroom in many ways, from tincture, topical, tea, extract, and the traditional drinking of the urine of a shaman or reindeer. It is also common for a tincture of the mushroom to be applied to help relieve sciatica, arthritis, and other joint, muscle, or nerve pains.

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The controversy of this mushrooms comes from a family with deadly relatives. to other poisonous mushrooms, the family Amanita is home to some of the most poisonous mushrooms on earth including the Death Cap and the Destroying Angel. It is easy to tell the difference between these mushrooms upon closer inspection, but a novice could mistake a death cap for an Amanita Muscaria that had the color washed out from the rain and sun. Another reason for fear behind this mushroom is that if eaten in a high enough quantity, can cause a full spiritual ego death which can present as a black out, where the body is safe but the ego is dissolved into the love of the universe and there is no more sense of self, or identification of being limited to the body. To an unprepared person or random person who might stumble across the mushroom and happened to eat it, this definitely has the potential to scare them, or make them feel like they are dying, even tho it is only their illusion of reality they have created in their head crumbling. It’s a philosophical poison, one that dissolves false mental constructs. This experience only happens upon internal ingestion of the mushroom.

There are some reports of internal microdosing, where very small amounts are concumed. Either sparsly, as needed, or on a schedule. Some schedules include taking very small amount, a drop of tincture, and take it daily for a few weeks, and slightly increasing the amound consumed and then decreasing the amount consumed. This is not done as a continuous medicine long term, but as a treatment that is used for a certain prescribed amount of time. I have never tested any of these myself. Due to the fact that an improperly made tincture could have high levels of ibotenic acid, or individual alergy, I can not reccomend this treatment to anyone. Curious individuals would need to do further research from multiple sources before deciding to try this meical treatment. There are some sources that state it has brought peopleon the brink of death back to vitality. I would be glad to see more research into the benefits and risks of internal use of Amanita Muscaria.

Used topically there is no concern for a psychoactive experience or a mystical experience, but there is a lot of potential for healing. It is also legal is most places around the world with the exception of a few states. I have not even ingested this mushroom orally, but just working with it in other forms has brought me much inspiration. This is not a psychedelic mushroom, it is in a league of its own and I don’t reccoment most people eat it.

I am excited to tap into the healing potential of this mushroom and have created extracts and creams infused with the mushroom for topical use. Some even blended with Full Spectrum CBD Distilate from hemp. These creams and extracts are great for soothing pain, nerves, muscles, and joints. I love to use it before yoga as it helps me stretch deeper into each pose, and with ease. Here is a link to the cream:

Thanks, I hope you find ways to incorporate this mushroom into your healing.

*National Center for Biotechnology Information. “PubChem Compound Summary for CID 4266, Muscimol” PubChem, Accessed 18 January, 2021.

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