Moment to Moment Time Machine​

Moment to Moment Time Machine

We see the Great Mother giving birth a spaceship here on Earth. From her heart to her breast flow rivers, drink like a baby cow drinking from our mothers milk.  We all drink water from the breast moment to moment. The body becomes a vessel for the holy water. 

My thoughts are prayers, let go of cares, I see this game and slide thru the snares, like tendrils of a mycelium web gliding thru the heart, a needle of truth piercing thru the dark. The mother is a lover, but if caught inside the net, be consumed by abyss of flames and darkness. Falling in temptation is to rape her. In order to defile her we must turn from the Truth and Light of God. She is the beautiful creation and counterpart to God, like love is a relationship between two things. Our body is a part of hers, and when we lust for her, we destroy her. When we destroy her we destroy ourselves. 

Protect our magic time machine the holy earth is what I mean. To see a light in the eyes beam, strong like flowing water streams

If we dont live in fear of a desert of destruction, feeding off our soul and mind causing mass corruption, there would be no need to live with fear of running out, no more greed for every one is love inside and out. 

First world country is living vampire of the third world. Taking from the poor to add to our bank account. Every famine is potential abundance stored in someones wallet. It is a direct link, to be broken with the axe of truth. We can live a life of greed working hard to succeed when we fail to see abundance and innocence of creation and turn our mind and heart to the dark, in fear we run to collect what we can, before death will take it away, leaving in the place of our physical vessel only the trail of destruction on earth as we continue deeper into the abyss mindlessly. Shed the skin and and let it go instead of dying with it. 

To hand over the heart and mind to the divine is the beginning the second coming manifesting in the Love of the people. Pave the way for God instead of leaving a trail of destruction. In the path of destruction lies a barren desert. In the path of god grows abundant life.  We live here on the tree of life. The branches grow, with the flow, of the water the trees the wind and the bees.

Right here is where we need to be to do the work. We journey home, but not apart, for one divided ends in dark.

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